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A Little Back Story...

Fashion and retail have been at the core of my career aspirations since I can remember.  Saturdays spent with my grandmother going to local yard sales and rummaging for vintage treasures in the attic of the home she grew up in are some of my oldest and most fond memories, sparking a fascination with retro designer clothing at an early age.

As a teen, building confidence in others made me feel unconventional and unique at that age, inevitably lending art and fashion to become my most authentic outlets of self expression.  As time went on through discovering my own identity and fervor for empowering others, I realized just how powerful a needle and thread could be.  

My journey began earning my BA in Marketing and Consumer Science at the University of Tennessee before receiving my Product Development degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.  Soon thereafter, I found myself taking my love for dressing women bicoastal and opened a women's boutique in Tennessee in 2013 in which buying, branding and digital marketing remotely became my secondary itch while I worked my way up in the fashion industry on the West Coast.

Aside from working on the design floor for some of my newfound and all-time favorite labels over the years, my other passions include traveling, attending music events, volunteer work and graphic design.

By whichever means, however, I'm eager to continue living out my creative journey and lifelong aspiration of collaborating with others to explore and evolve our global footprint initiatives in an impactful way, while remaining a visionary in this ever-changing digital orbit.



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Inspired by the unusual and the ordinary, by the colors provided and the colors interpreted, by mother earth and the universe...

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